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June 29, 2015 Comments (0) Bicycles

2B Exotic SS Cromo Vintage MTB

Single speed, cromo and rigid, that’s what the Birdman from Dos requested.
We settled on the amount and we started the project. It took a while, due to the proper hunting and gathering of the correct parts for Mang Orly of 2B Exotic birds. We chanced upon a rusting piece of junk in a shop in Marikina called Earth Japan Bikes. The sales girl was friendly and accommodating. The moment we saw the bike, we knew that it was perfect for the 2B Exotic project.
Tito Orly requested for the color grey so that it would match his own grey hair. He did not want anything flashy; it had to be discreet, humble and dependable. We got the logo for the birdshop and had the decals prepared. The bike was converted into a single speed drive train thus we had to change the chain into the thicker and sturdier chain, made in Japan of course.
The tires were offset, running a Kenda 26 x 1.95 in front and Kenda 26 x 1.75 in the rear. It really bothered me that the front tire was fatter than the rear, but that’s how they roll in the 90’s.
What we love about the frame is that they are lugged. The clean lines of the frame accent the gun metal gray finish of the 2B exotic bike build. The cockpit was powder coated black to darken the upper part of the bike. Black Araya rims roll this vintage MTB and give it a sturdy and macho feel.
The bike rides great, though it is rigid, it more comfortable than a vintage racer. The slightly-fatter-tires-than-a-racer give more bounce than having thin slick tires from a road bike. This bike is a keeper.
Always ride safe. Wear a helmet.

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