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Black Sabbath Ride 2013– musicbijo!

July 26, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

100th Tour de France winner–Chris Froome

Just because it is the 100th year, Tour de Fance suddenly became much more interesting.
The race of the year, this is the most talked about cycle race in the world. It dates back… uhmmm, let’s see, 100 years ago?

Who is Chris Froome? He was born in Nairobi, Kenya, May 20, 1985. He is British in descent. He started out mountainbiking, under the tutelage of the Safari Simbaz (reducing poverty through the power of the bike). He started racing in 2008 and rose to power. He got big, he trained and won… so he is where he is now. He’s got the yellow jersey. The most respected jersey of all cyclists.
Here are his pics courtesy of,,,
Chris Froome
Congratulations, Chris!! When will a Filipino grab that podium?

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